Southern California Foot and Ankle Center is privileged to be one of the very few podiatry practices that offers diagnostic ultrasound for the investigation and visualization of soft tissue diseases of the foot and ankle. Chronic or acute pain resulting from such problems as Achilles tendonitis or rupture, bursitis, plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, plantar fibromas, Morton’s neuroma, rheumatoid arthritis, general tendonitis or capsulitis, ankle sprains or strains, cystic masses, and degeneration of fat pad thickness of the bottom of the foot can be more easily treated with the use of this specialized diagnostic instrumentation. In some instances, stress fractures can even be visualized.

Ultrasound diagnosis is performed with high frequency sound waves, higher than the range of human hearing. Visualization of soft tissue structures is created when the ultrasound beam is transmitted into the foot and echoes are reflected from these structures. The echoes are then seen on a small television-like screen.

Just as expectant parents can see their child in the mother’s womb with the use of obstetrical ultrasound, the doctors at Southern California Foot and Ankle Center can visualize the soft tissues of the foot, leading to a more concise diagnosis, and therefore more efficient treatment of the pathology.

In the past, experience guided the hands of a physician when it came to soft tissue injuries. Now, the physicians at Southern California Foot and Ankle Center can actually see the structures involved, print out a photograph of the pathology, and develop a specific treatment plan.

The examination is totally painless and can be performed in less than a half hour. Most insurance companies approve of the exam.

In addition to diagnostic purposes, the diagnostic ultrasound may be used as a tool to guide injections. This tool is utilized to direct steroid or local anesthetic into a specific soft tissue structure with high accuracy, thus improving outcomes.

With the addition of the diagnostic ultrasound, Southern California Foot and Ankle Center continues its reputation as a leader in the diagnosis and treatment of foot and ankle diseases and pathology. If you are suffering from chronic foot pain associated with soft tissue injury or disease, diagnostic ultrasound could help in obtaining an accurate diagnosis of your foot or ankle problem.

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